The Project: 

Nothing Man is Trespasser Films first feature film. The micro-budget feature was made on £2500, but this money is nothing compared to the talented cast and crew who gave up their time to work for us.

Shot in and the North Yorkshire area, Trespasser Films have made a gritty British flick that does exactly what we stand for...Low Budget: High Concept. 



The Film:







A homeless amnesiac strives to unlock the secret to his best friends murder but at the cost of unlocking his own checkered past.   





Nothing Man Teaser Trailer from trespasser films on Vimeo.

Riddled with brutal nightmares from a long forgotten past, Noam hides himself away from society, but when his only friend is murdered, Noam is forced to face his fears, confront the world and unearth the past he has tried so desperately to forget.


The film has been achieved through the hard work of all the exception people who worked on it, from our fantastic cast, to our amazing crew, and all of the people who helped in between.



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